How to Write an Argumentative Essay

If you have to cope with an argumentative essay, chances are you realize that it’s not the easiest task. This type of writing is about gathering the information, analyzing and evaluating it, and then making the conclusion on some certain issues. It is a very common task for college, and you can deal with it successfully if you have enough motivation and persistence.

The topic also plays a great role in effective argumentative essay writing. Choose one that is the most interesting for you to write about. Of course, it also has to be catchy for readers. Your interest and passion about the topic give you motivation for research and writing. Besides, you can also find a few classic argumentative essay samples online and use them as a guideline. To make it easier for you to learn, we have prepared a list of simple tips to make your argumentative essay shine.

Tips for effective writing

The content of your paper should be based on your thesis statement. The thesis statement has to be included in the Introduction which is about one paragraph long. It’s crucial for your paper, especially, if you are writing on a controversial topic such as abortions, drugs legalization, religion or capital punishment. So, to avoid any misunderstandings between you and readers, make your statement clear. Give a convincing explanation of your point of view about the issue you are writing about.

The second and the biggest part of your essay is the Body. As you can see, the structure of the argumentative essay is very typical as for any other essay type. The Body of your argumentative essay contains arguments and supporting facts.

The third part is the Conclusion. It is the summary of all arguments. Sometimes you need to include the reference page to the argumentative essay structure. Remember that an argumentative essay structure can vary, so you should specify it with your teacher before you start writing.

To make your writing more productive, consider taking some short breaks between stages of writing. Don’t forget to edit and proofread your paper carefully to make it perfect.