How to Write an Essay: Helpful Tips and Tricks

Essay writing is not such a complicated task to cope with as a dissertation. Nevertheless, it demands good writing and formatting skills. So if you want to get the highest grade, you have to write it correctly with no mistakes. Use these helpful tips to write your winning papers hands down.


Preparation as a part of the writing process is usually underestimated. And this is a huge mistake. It’s crucial if you want to write your essay successfully and achieve the highest results. So, the first thing you have to do before starting your writing is brainstorming. Begin as early as you can and generate ideas that make your essay unique and exciting.


The second step is writing an outline which is also underestimated. Would you go on a trip without a road map? So, why to write an essay without the outline? It helps you organize the whole process and keep the main point in mind. Don’t make it too fancy and just create it in free form.


At last, it’s time for writing. But don’t think that there will be just one single draft. The first one should be written in a free form. Just write as you can and don’t think about grammar. Get your thoughts down on the paper and use your outline to organize it. Try everything possible to find your own style while writing that very first draft. At this stage, forget about editing. You can do it after all your thoughts are on the paper.

Start with the Introduction paragraph and proceed with the Body. Here you should describe your point of view and support it with facts and evidence. Finish your essay with a strong and convincing conclusion.


As was previously mentioned, don’t think about editing while you are writing. You will have your editing time after the first draft is finished. Poor grammar can ruin even the most compelling content. So, take it seriously and make your paper shine.