How to write an argumentative essay

It is as simple as writing any other essay.  If you must do it, you must learn how to write an argumentative essay starting with the correct hook statement, develop your ideas while offering the reader a chance to view the argument from your own perspective. It is a fact-finding essay that requires supporting evidence.

How to write an argumentative essay step by step

Most argument essays start with a question. Check the local newspapers, or just listen to people talk in a social gathering. Chances are, there is someone in the crowd trying to persuade another about:

  • Are we wrong?
  • What is the cause?

After the topic is known, the next step in writing an argumentative essay is coming up with a thesis statement. Most problems in essay writing start here. For an argumentative essay, it is better to turn this section into a question/answer format. Examples:

  • What can we do to contain inflation? (proposal)
  • Why did the plane crash? (cause)

The answer to this questions should be the most appropriate thesis statement for argument essays. The question is always the title of the paper. Some questions are too long to appear as a title. The other option is to write it in the introduction section of the essay. It is the backbone of the entire essay and every fact written in other sections will be in support of the thesis statement. A good thesis statement has a roadmap that outlines some of the points that will appear in the essay.

An argumentative essay outline is effective if the first step is to interest the reader and trick them that your essay is worth reading. The problem must be clearly stated with all sides of the argument mentioned. The writer can now take a side which he will use to convince the readers is the best option. Convince the reader to refute all other claims and support your stand. Taking this points into consideration will result in a well written argumentative essay.

The other main issue to tackle Is how to write an argumentative essay outline. What matters most is what is written in every section of the essay. An argumentative essay is divided into three parts:

A brief explanation of the topic in question is required. All opposing sides to the topic have to be mentioned. The thesis statement has to appear in this section. The writer has to consider the audience before settling on the most appropriate introduction.

  • Body

This part provides evidence for supporting your thesis statement. It is the main part of an argumentative essay. The writer has to prove beyond reason the stand taken in the introduction. Each reason can be supported using statistical data and examples of similar cases.

Anticipating opposing positions is also part of an argumentative essay. The writer has to state them and argue against them issuing the evidence to support each stand.

  • Conclusion

This is the last section of the outline. For an argumentative essay, the writer tries to tell the reader what to believe or do. It is also a section for refuting all opposing stands in the debate.

How to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay

There are different ways to start an argumentative introduction. A hook statement falls in the introduction part of an argumentative essay structure. It captivates the audience and keeps them interested. The easiest way is explaining the problem. The reader will consider your problem as he reads the rest of the essay. A scenario describes the problem using real-life events that the reader can relate to. A vivid description of the topic works for an argumentative essay. The audience usually has a clear picture of what they expect in the essay.

There are different strategies used to convey an argument.

  • Classical argument

This strategy is used when the writer is confident about the topic and there is a good chance the audience will be easily convinced. It involves an argument and counterargument. It is the best strategy for an argumentative essay

  • Rogerian argument

The writer tries to find a compromise. The writer is willing to change due to the competitiveness of the argument. The essay must clearly indicate the extent to which the option will change.

  • Toulmin strategy

The argument is limited to points that can be agreed upon. A combination of Toulmin and classical strategies is also very effective for competitive arguments that have supporting evidence. It gives the writer a way of finding a compromise and adjust his opinion.

Argumentative essays use the introduction as a guide during the conclusion.  An essay that started with a scenario can be concluded by stating how an alternative option would look like. A vivid description of the essay can be used to appeal to the reader’s emotions. Connecting your arguments with real-life situations by using statistics will guarantee a strong conclusion

How to do an argumentative essay.

Research is important to overcome the challenges of writing an argumentative essay. Each point stated must be backed up with proof to support the claim. The essay is all about points that can be proved. Avoid too many descriptive sentences that lead the reader off topic. Keep the reader interested by constantly referring to the thesis statement. For example, you can write, “if the situation…..then…”. This keeps the audience interested in the points you provide in the essay. Following this few tips guarantee a quality paper with maximum points for proper formatting. Grammar and correct sentence structuring depends on the skills that the writer possesses.

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