How to write an essay

Writing an essay is an art that requires proper grammar to articulate ideas and offer insight into the topic in discussion. A good essay starts with an idea which develops through research and proper documentation. Writing requires time and patience to ensure that you capture your ideas in clear and simple statements that make sense to the target audience.

Writing an essay

A given essay has different type of information found in different sections of the essay structure. There is no formula for writing an essay but there exist guidelines on how to tackle each section. Essays perform different actions: narrate an event, offer a formal request, give strong arguments, introduce, and conclude an argument. The introduction and conclusion sections are fixed with other parts changing. Arguments and counterarguments constitute the main parts of an essay and may appear within a paragraph. Definitions and background information are found in the introduction sections and the first analysis paragraph.

Research plays a vital role when writing an essay. Most clients do not have the time to carry out research, poor writing skills, and they have no time to work on the essays. Plagiarism is also a major issue in essay writing with most of the content circulating online. Arguments, for example, are supported by relevant theories that need to be analyzed and only the required information should appear in the essay to answer the questions why? What? How?

The first question that comes to every reader should be “what?”. What evidence have you provided to support your claim? The writer has to examine the evidence and decide on how to do an essay demonstrating the truth of the claim. This section should come immediately after the introduction since you are reporting on research findings.

A thesis statement raises the “how?”  question. How true is the thesis statement and how strong is the writer’s argument when faced with a counterargument. A how section lets the reader know that the essay will have complicated arguments and counterarguments in different sections of the essay. It makes an essay argumentative with a point of view from the writers perspective.

A writers personal interpretation of a research question answers the “why?”  question. It allows the reader to understand a topic from the writer’s point of view. The why section mainly appears in the conclusion section since it completes the essay. It provides a stand to the arguments and counterarguments the reader has found in the essay.

How to make an essay

A good essay structure examines the available information and predicts what the reader expects in the essay. The best way to remember what needs to appear is the essay is by using a written narrative that will guide you in every section. Writing an essay is simpler with recorded ideas. They are a constant reminder of what the reader expects.

There are three main steps on how to write an essay paper.

  • Decide on a topic

In most cases, essay topics are given by the instructor with specific instructions on the requirements of the essay. If it is an open essay that has no specific topic, the writer will pick the most appropriate heading depending on the student’s instructions.

  • Identify the type of essay

Before embarking on writing an essay, you have to determine the type of essay you want. Different essays have different writing styles. An argumentative essay tries to convince the audience about an idea. It involves supporting evidence as to why the idea is appropriate. A scholarship essay is more of a request with a polite tone. A professional writer knows the type of language to use for each essay.

  • Carryout research

This is a step by step analysis of the topic highlighting all the major issues that need to appear on the essay. Research is the most important aspect of essay writing. The quality of the essay depends on the professionalism of the writer, and the depth of the research carried out.

After gathering all the relevant information, and keeping track of all sources used, the documentation part of the essay can begin. There are several examples of how to make an essay. The recommended process of our writing services is.

  • Preparing a thesis statement
  • Write the main body
  • Write the introduction
  • Write the conclusion
  • Add any relevant material required to conclude the paper

An essay map is concerned with the information required per section. It is essentially a rough guide to the procedures on how to write an essay paper. Try writing your essay like this:

  • State your thesis statement and explain the reason behind your decision. Here the why question is answered. The statement will be supported by a valid conclusion that declares your stand.
  • Begin your introduction like this: “to understand my position, the first thing you need to know is….” State the evidence you collected during research. The “what” question is answered from the introduction statement.

Your map should be flexible and evolving to allow for adjustments that may arise while writing. It should cover the questions why, what, and how. Ideas will continue to develop as you write the essay. It is an evolving process.

Ways to write an essays

The most proper way of writing an essay is approaching every essay as an opportunity to connect with the reader. View each assignment as a learning experience and a positive way of contributing to an ongoing discussion among peers with different ideologies and principles.

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